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Private Classes

Treat your mind + body to the calming benefits of a customized 1:1 yoga practice free from strain & pain in the comfort of your home!

YMM Services provides you with everything you need - a certified yoga instructor, yoga mat, blocks and a bolster - ensuring that you are fully supported and relaxed in every restorative yoga pose hand selected just for you, and each personalized session includes a scalp massage with calming essential oils!

Restorative yoga is appropriate for all ages & levels of fitness/flexibility.

Restorative Yoga: a type of yoga known for its relaxing and healing effect. It has its roots in the yoga of B.K.S. Iyengar, who developed a yoga that allows students to practice without any discomfort. This was developed into a style of yoga which was considered ideal for those recovering from injuries or illnesses. (Yogapedia)

Restorative 1hr

Enjoy a restful practice that is all about slowing down & opening your body through passive stretching while rejuvenating your physical and mental energy reserves.


Restorative 1.5hrs

Practice of deep relaxation that builds resilience to stress & decreases the harmful symptoms of tiredness and mental fatigue.  Through the use of props for support, many of the postures are held almost effortlessly promoting internal relaxation and emotional well-being.


What our customers are saying

My dr had recommended yoga and meditation to help treat my depression but I'm not one to go to a gym or group fitness class. I was so nervous and nearly cancelled my appointment, but I'm so happy that I didn't. Lauren has the most calming and motherly nature, I felt like I was wrapped in a big bear hug the entire yoga class and I felt completely relaxed, optimistic, refreshed, hopeful and loved. Thank you Lauren and I can't wait for our next appointment!

Kathleen R